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By | August 25, 2021
By  | August 20, 2021
supersign digital signage software solution

LG Supersign Full Digital Signage Software Solution For QSRs

LG Business Solutions

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In Brief

  • Display signage for retail qsr is the highest capital cost (aka big potato), albeit by themselves low margin
  • Selling those though often means selling a bunch of “small potatoes”, many with much higher profit
  • As Haynes sums it up — Recurring SaaS CMS revenue is the gift that keeps on giving.


If you are active on the software side of digital signage, you’ve undoubtedly seen Samsung evolving its MagicINFO software from a low or no-cost add-on for small jobs to a full-featured enterprise platform that competes against pure-play CMS software companies.

LG has also had a product called SuperSign in the market for more than a decade, and that display manufacturer is also now marketing a full-featured product. The interesting wrinkle with LG is that it is touting a turnkey solution for QSR that includes built-in capabilities like queue management, open API POS integration and back of house workflow solutions.

It’s called SuperSign QSR, and it LOOKS like it is all in-house, as opposed to partnerships with third parties that specialize in things like queue management.

Read the full article on Sixteen-Nine.Net

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