Digital Menu Board Cost FAQ – How Much They Cost and Installation

From kioskindustry Digital Menu Board Cost – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Digital Menu Boards – How Much They Cost and What About Installation? In this article we’ll look at two of the major considerations for digital menu board. First what are the costs and second, lessons from installation case study for major restaurant chain.  For installation… Read More »

Digital Menu Board News

Digital Menu Board News Applebee’s wants to be more like McDonald’s than Olive Garden CNN – By Danielle Wiener-Bronner New York (CNN Business) — Applebee’s used to pitch itself as a place for customers to come, sit, and stay a while. Then the pandemic happened, and Applebee’s had to pivot. When local governments ordered restaurants to close their… Read More »

McDonald’s McDrive Drive Thru Menu Boards – Germany

McDonald’s McDrive Drive Thru – Using LG High Brightness The almost 1,000 McDonalds restaurants with McDrive in Germany will be equipped with LG High Brightness Displays by the end of the year. Almost all drive-thru locations receive the new wind- and weatherproof, sunlight-compatible digital signage displays. March 17, 2021 by Florian Rotberg In total, more than 4,000 LG full outdoor screens of the XE4F series… Read More »

Peerless-AV’s 55″ Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display

Comments – Latest outdoor display model in stock now, offering improved brightness output and thermal performance for full sun usage with key network control and operating system updates With an unmatched ingress protection (IP) rating and award-winning feature set, the new XHB553 is lighter in weight with significant mechanical and operating system enhancements that include thermal load diffusion, customized brightness… Read More »

Drive-Thru Display Menus Far from Built-Out

From Sixteen-Nine  QSR Magazine covers guess what and does an annual, very thorough study of what’s happening with the drive-thru side of that business. It is required reading for anyone selling display hardware or software into that space, and provides some intriguing insights about how much things changed when COVID-19 turned up. Under a headline suggesting the future of… Read More »

Samsung Large Format Displays — Blog Entry on New Normal

From Samsung July 2021 — Published Jul 2, 2021By: Sara Grofcsik Amid shifting consumer habits and disrupted supply chains, digital signage has been critical in helping restaurant operators adapt their businesses. Drive-thrus were already a common feature of quick service restaurant (QSR) chains, but in light of the pandemic, drive-thrus have come to represent as much as 100… Read More »

QSR Digital Signage Software Solution SuperSign QSR – MagicINFO Competitor

By Staff Writer | August 20, 2021 LG Supersign Full Digital Signage Software Solution For QSRs Read the full article on Sixteen-Nine.Net In Brief Display signage for retail qsr is the highest capital cost (aka big potato), albeit by themselves low margin Selling those though often means selling a bunch of “small potatoes”, many with much higher profit As Haynes sums… Read More »

ProAV Watch List Released

ProAV Watch List 2021 In the first-ever Pro AV Watch List – a natural evolution of last year’s Pro AV Power 20 – we wanted to bring together those who we feel are the biggest influencers in AV at the current time: the ones to watch in 2021 and beyond. Here, we celebrate 25 of these influencers, in… Read More »

McDonalds AI Drive-Thru Ordering Violates Privacy Laws

From EatThisNotThat Jun2021 – Editors Note:  You could see this coming given the test being run in Illinois which has some of the strictest privacy laws. In Brief: McDonalds testing AI-powered drive-thru ordering at 10 restaurants in Illinois Voice Analysis and Recognition being used Data retention — McDonalds is not informing customers how long their data will be retained Machine… Read More »

Digital Menu Boards by Panasonic

From Panasonic June 2021 Enhance the Personalized Approach to Restaurants Customers want to see crisp, clear graphics that enhance their experience and restaurants want that experience to be one that brings those customers back for more. With the ability to serve up special menus and offerings in real time, your customers will experience that personalized approach. Customer Loyalty… Read More »

Menu Suppliers

Digital Menu Providers Nanonation – custom kiosk software & digital signage AUO – all type of touchscreens and displays. Large to small. 22 Miles – Digital Signage and Wayfinding Acquire Digital – advanced digital signage and wayfinding technology software Peerless AV – large format indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks LG-MRI – BoldVu® displays are built not simply to survive, but to thrive in outdoor environments.… Read More »